Restaurants and Bars

New Yorkers love eating out! Foods foods foods!! From high-end restaurants to casual cute café, this city is full of fabulous eating and drinking places. You want to make sure to try different kinds of foods as everything is available here in NYC.

Hotels, Apartments and Bars

Modern high-rise hotels give you beautiful views from your rooms, sky bars, and roof-top restaurants and simplified but yet sophisticated lifestyles in NYC. Modern hotels often carry fantastic restaurants and bars, and you can relax after going around the city all day long.
Traditional major hotels provide premium customer services and have NY style cool adult taste designs. Boutique hotels locate at many fantastic parts of NYC and by stepping out you feel you live like you are local, a New Yorker.


No one can miss fantastic high-end shops in Manhattan. They display clothing like galleries and museums. Many wonderful boutique shops carry each unique product line and cannot find anywhere else. Some local shops carry local designers’ brilliant items and cool products. While there are thousands of shops in the city, you want to select must places of your choice and carefully plan in advance.

Events and activities

This is the biggest city in the world! Lots of famous musicians and artists perform fantastic concerts and events. You do not want to miss real American sport games and possibly visiting local cool sport bars. Many local musicians and artists have great and affordable concerns and events where local New Yorkers always enjoy. Why don’t we join and experience real NY life?

Party Coodinations

Having your birthday parties, wedding parties, parties with friends, and parties with families! It would be so memorable to have such parties in this great city. Making an arrangement for a large group of people at restaurants or hotels…or small group party at special places or marvelous restaurants and bars, it is your choice! Preparing gifts for your guests or arranging special cakes are always available for you.

Car Services

From the beginning to the end of NYC stay, you want to be taken care perfectly. Premium car services are available whether from airports or to airports. Do you want a nice ride for your personal shopping in the city or to the fabulous shopping malls?

Best ways to spend real NYC life for a few days a week, a month, and a year.