How it works


Welcome to NYC Concierge Service

We want to make your visit VERY special. Our professional team will serve you information and arrange memorable experience in a fabulous local New York Style.


You will be choosing “Length of Your Stay in New York”, “NYC Lifestyle”, and “Concierge Service Menu”!! Once you know what you want go to Step 4


  • Step 1: Select Length Of Your Stay in New York
    • 3days- 1week
    • 1-3 weeks
    • 1month
    • 3months
    • and 6months

  • Step 2: Select NYC Lifestyle (What is Lifestyle?)
    • Casual, Young Local New Yorker
    • Elegant Local New Yorker
    • Gorgeous Local New Yorker

  • Step 3: Select Concierge Service Menu (Services)
    • Restaurants and Bars (per a stay duration)
    • Hotels and Short-term Apartments (per a stay duration)
    • Shopping (per a stay duration)
    • Concerts and Events (per event, per activity)
    • Party Coordination (per party)
    • Car Service (per car service)

  • Step 5: Write Additional Requirement Section
    • Dates you will be in NYC (if already have the dates, if not, no need)
    • Numbers of the travelers/Party
    • Any specific requests
    • Any Diet Restriction

  • Step 6: After agreeing “Client Agreement and Release of Liability Orange Services LLC”, Make a payment via Paypal (*Concierge Service Cost does not include actual activity cost)
    • restaurant = reservation no credit card required | bar = no reservation available, so just info
    • shopping = no reservation available, so just info
    • hotel = reservation credit card required | apartment = reservation credit card required or advanced payment
    • car service = reservation no credit card required
    • party coordination = reservation credit card required or advanced payment

  • Step 7: Within 5 business days, you will receive your special own New York Lifestyle concierge information and arrangement

  • Step 8: Make a travel plan and fly over to New York City! Enjoy those places and events NYC-Concierge Service provides you

Best ways to spend real NYC life for a few days a week, a month, and a year.